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Meet the Team at Body & Spine Solutions

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Christina Puglisi, Office Manager

Christina has been with Body & Spine Solutions for over 4 years and is an integral part of our team. Christina is highly experienced in all matters of office management, insurance verification and the chiropractic profession in general, which she has been working in for over 10 years. When you call or come into the office, hers is the first voice or face you are most likely to hear and see. When you are looking for an appointment or need to have any questions answered, she is the one you want to talk to. Christina loves working at Body & Spine Solutions and enjoys interacting with patients and employees alike and wants to make your office experience a memorable and positive one. “Our patients are like family. We are here for them and strive to make sure they get the best care and treatment available. We build long term relationships and that is where we are different than other office.”

Christine Lewis, Front Desk

Christine comes to our team as a valued client and is now part of the Body & Spine Solutions family. Christine has over 30 years of experience in business, as a team leader in the financial industry. She had specialized in process operations as a certified ISO auditor and leader, with a green belt degree in process improvements. Christine has her B.S. degree in Business Management and we welcome her to the practice. She is married and has two teenage daughters. You’ll always see her smiling face when you arrive at the office, as she loves client service and the interactions with our patients.

Angela Debrodt, Nurse Practitioner

Angela DeBrodt is an Adult/Geriatric Nurse Practitioner (AGNP) who specializes in treating patients with trigger point injections, here at Body and Spine Solutions. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at SUNY Delhi, NY. and then continued on to earn her Master of Science degree at Hunter University in New York, NY. She holds a national certification with the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

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“As an NP I treat the whole patient and complete a thorough assessment. I enjoy teaching relief for musculoskeletal type injuries and also can refer to other doctors as needed. I can assess orthopedic injuries including areas associated with the neck, shoulders, hips, back and spine.” Angela has been in the medical field for over 20 years now and has worked under many different titles and in many
different settings which include; nursing assistant, LPN, RN, and NP. Her passion is to help people while listening to them, teaching, treating, assessing, and to help guide people toward a healthier version of oneself.

During my downtime I enjoy time spent with family and friends, traveling, reading, exercising, and living life to the fullest. Here at Body & Spine Solutions there are many compassionate and skilled providers who strive to make each individual feel better and do better. I thoroughly enjoy working with each person and being a part of this team.

Barbara Sikorski, Weight Loss Manager

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Jennifer Zachman, LMT

Jennifer has been with Body & Spine Solutions for almost 5 years and has always been a highly recommended and sought-after massage therapist at the practice. She brings around 10 years of hands on experience with her and specializes in Swedish massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage and other modalities. Jennifer loves working with her clients and seeing the results they get. Observing the changes in their overall health, through her care, is what is most satisfying to her. Give the office a call to schedule your appointment with Jennifer today.

Deborah Cox, LMT

Debbie was led to massage therapy as a way to bring positivity and healing to others. She is committed to helping people on their health journey and offering solutions that fit into their lifestyle and can be easily adapted. Clients quite frequently compliment her ability to release stress and tension from the body while also finding and reducing any physical pain they may be experiencing. Deb has experience in a broad range of methods, having worked with sports teams and medical practitioners, giving her the skills to combine a clinical and spiritual approach to her treatments, We are happy to have her as a member of our team. Give the office a call to schedule your appointment with Debbie today.

Esther Somma, LMT

Esther joined Body & Spine Solutions last year and brings many years of experience in massage therapy to the practice. She specializes in sports massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, Swedish massage, Body Mechanics and other modalities. Esther is constantly learning new techniques that can benefit her clients and looks forward to bringing her knowledge and experience to them daily. There is nothing she enjoys more than being of service to her clients and witnessing the amazing recoveries they make. Ester is proud to be a member of our team and we are honored to have her on board. Give the office a call to schedule your appointment with Esther today.

Nancy Fennimore, LMT

Nancy, a licensed massage therapist, graduated from the New York College for Health Professions, and brings over 6 years of experience working in medical and non-medical settings. She specializes in multiple massage modalities including Swedish massage, deep tissue, cupping, sports massage, reflexology and more. Her main objective is to ease the pain and tension in her clients body by catering to their specific needs. Nancy is passionate about using her massage techniques to give her clients a calming experience and relaxation to carry with them throughout their day. Give the office a call to schedule your appointment with Nancy today.

Jessica Licata, LMT

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Dr. Shally Hsu, L.Ac

Dr. Shally Huh has her doctorate in Chinese medicine, a masters degree in science and is a licensed acupuncturist as well as a licensed massage therapist. She graduated from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine – NY Campus and has been a massage therapist 7 years prior to being an acupuncturist. During her training, she had done two of her clinical internships at Columbia Medical Center at Columbia University and one semester at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in the Department of Integrative Medicine at the Cancer Continuum Center, but she specializes in mostly orthopedic and musculoskeletal practices. She is certified with NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) and is a board certified acupuncturist. Give the office a call to schedule your appointment with Dr. Shally today.

Hal Marten, LAC (Acupuncture)

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Khaled “Hal” Marden L.Ac

Khaled “Hal” Marden is a distinguished and licensed professional acupuncturist with over 20 years of enriching experience, Hal’s journey in alternative medicine began in Asia, where he established his own thriving clinic, becoming a beacon of holistic healing in the region. Formerly a college professor in modern medicine, Hal seamlessly blends his academic expertise with practical, patient-focused care. His commitment extends beyond borders, having completed training in China to deepen his understanding of Eastern healing practices. With an unwavering passion for alternative medicine, Hal takes pride in fostering well-being and offering holistic solutions, making him an invaluable member of our team here at Body & Spine Solutions. Give the office a call to schedule your appointment with Hal today.

Kimberly Spatafora L.Ac

Kimberly joins Body & Spine Solutions as an experienced healer with a demonstrated history of working in the alternative health field. Her career started as a doctors assistant in orthomolecular medicine, and biochemical nutrition for over 25 years, She later completed her bachelor’s degree in health sciences and a degree in acupuncture/Chinese Medicine. Kim looks forward to working with you to assist in reaching your health care goals. Her knowledge, drive and attention to details, makes her one of the most sought after acupuncturists in the practice.

Tim Spatafora, LAC

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