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Meet Dr. Brian Roth

Simply put, I was an active, fearless, athletic kid who at the same time was pretty injury prone.

Between broken bones, concussions and musculoskeletal injuries, my parents had their hands full. I learned at a very young age that pain was not just for grownups. I also learned at a young age the impact chiropractic would have on the rest of my life. I can still remember my first visit to the chiropractor, and the feeling I had when I left his office. It was like nothing else I had ever experienced and I liked it. From my first adjustment, I knew that chiropractic was for me. The pain relief I received was amazing, but the education and information I got from the doctor was invaluable. I knew at that time that this was the path I would end up taking with my life and career.

Education and Training

After serving his country in the United States Marine Corps, Dr. Roth attended and graduated from Kean University with a Bachelor of Science degree. After graduation he was accepted and immediately began his professional studies at Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, Missouri where some of his courses included biochemistry, human anatomy and physiology, X-ray, physical diagnosis and chiropractic adjusting techniques. After graduating in 1998 Dr. Roth opened up his own private practice in Pennsylvania. After 11 years in Pennsylvania, Dr. Roth sold his practice and moved his family out to Long Island, where he currently practices at Body & Spine Solutions in Miller Place.

At Home with Dr. Roth

Dr. Roth has been enjoying the amazing ride with his beautiful wife Sarah and their children Alexa, Ally, Josh and Emerson, and while his chiropractic practice keeps him extremely busy, his family keeps him on his toes with cheerleading, dance, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, school, friends and driving them everywhere. He attends as many games and competitions as possible and coaches a few of their sports as well. Even with his hectic schedule, Dr, Roth finds some time to enjoy a few hobbies of his own, and some much-needed quality time with his wife. When he is not golfing, playing softball, working out at his fitness studio or dabbling in real estate, he and his wife enjoy all the local restaurants and day and night life that Suffolk County has to offer. Dr. Roth and his family also enjoy the benefits of regular chiropractic care and his kids are adjusted on a regular basis.

My family’s health and wellness are extremely important to me. Weekly adjustments keep everyone’s spine in line, and since the spine and nervous system are the core of our being, keeping them free from interference is extremely important in maintaining proper health, and as a chiropractor, that is what we do, keep your spine and nervous system free from interference.

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I want to thank you for taking the time to look around our site. Hopefully you have learned a little about myself, our staff, our office and all of our amazing services. We offer many services at Body & Spine Solutions that will keep you and your family feeling good, looking good and being able to live that healthy life you want and deserve. People are living much longer these days than they have in the past. Taking good care of yourself today, will have a major impact on your life tomorrow. Let us help you.

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